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airtime is the new state-of-the-art content tracking and marketing tool for radio, TV, web and retail businesses.

What airtime can do for you


airtime helps you to create a strong and long lasting relationship with your audience. Build your own online community, get in touch with its members and let them know how important and appreciated their opinion is to you. Engage them to join forces with you. airtime helps you to keep moving into the right direction and stay on track. The app and its functionalities are created by experienced research professionals. 

Ask any question you like


Track topics, contents, music and other media. get in touch with your community members on any topic and how often you like.

Start right away. Everything you need is a web browser, technically. A comprehensive dashboard assists you in managing your community members, in sending marketing emails, in setting up your surveys and examining survey results in real- time.

Give it your look and feel


We will always work with you on ensuring seamless branding from your CI. All key areas of the app are scalable and customizable. airtime is operated in the cloud, frontend parts will be integrated into your standard- or mobile website. With its flexible framework, airtime can even become part of your smartphone app. native apps for ios and Android are available. Your community members get full access wherever they like.


Learn from your community

Invite your audience

Each airtime survey starts with an e-mail invitation. Use your own wording and style, fully integrated into your corporate identity. new community members need to register first but only once. Ask for as many or as few personal details as you need. You might use them later when breaking down the survey results.

We’d be glad to share our references and experience with you in how-to build and grow a community. Your surveys will soon show how familiar your members are with your or your competitor’s hosts, promotions, comedy, advertising or any other content. of course you can embed audio, video or pictures into your surveys. Track the results over a period of time and figure out trends.

Be creative and spontaneous 

airtime surveys are set up within minutes. Since there is no limitation on how often you can start a survey, you are free to interact with your members spontaneously in addition to regular scheduled surveys. airtime empowers you to instantly get a distinct idea of what your members think about a certain topic, event, actuality or anything else you might like to know. 


Knowing what your audience likes

Rating the songs

Of course you already know which music styles your audience prefers – with airtime you are able to get deeper insights. during the registration process new community members can name their favorite-, cume-, or preferred music station in your market. Make them listen to music montages in case you want to know more about specific music style preferences. The airtime dashboard processes the results and shows detailed demographics as well as values for e.g. core- and cume members or TSL.

Add as many songs as you like to your surveys. Prepare music-specials, pre-test new songs for your music rotation or schedule regular back-catalogue-tests. There are no limitations in airtime. Your music is rated with a slider, easily and intuitively while listening to the hook. Choose your own wording and customize the slider’s look & feel.

Working with results

Results of each surveys show up in comprehensive reports on your airtime dashboard. See at a glance how passionate your community members are about each song, which songs they are familiar with and if they want to hear them more often or less often. slice and dice the results any way you choose and highlight how you would like the data to be shown. Export or print each result for further analyzing.

Tracking music trends

The newer a song the more time it needs to develop its full potential. Check how key indicators like familiarity or acceptance develop over time, in either one or the other direction. in other words, double-check if you can trust your guts.


Stay in touch with your community

Take advantage of audience interaction

In order to convert your audience members into real fans or brand evangelists you need to give them good reasons. airtime can help you to create a strong community and a long lasting relationship with its members. Explore the members database and focus your marketing efforts based on the current interests of your community. Discover how to attract your community or a specific group of members. Make informed decisions while planning your activities.

airtime’s marketing section offers you unlimited bulk e-mail capability. Keep taking care of the tight relationship with your community members. Invite them to “mem- bers-only” events or concerts, inform them about upcoming program highlights and music-specials – or just say “Hello” from time to time. Use different HTML templates in your own wording which suit your corporate identity.




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