Music-Specials Research

Knowing what your audience likes


Of course you already know which music styles your audience prefers – with airtime you are able to get deeper insights. During the registration process new community members can name their favorite-, cume-, or preferred music station in your market. Make them listen to music montages in case you want to know more about specific music style preferences. The airtime dashboard processes the results and shows detailed demographics as well as values for e.g. core- and cume members or TSL.

Perceptual Question Results

Rating the songs


Add as many songs as you like to your surveys. Prepare music-specials, pre-test new songs for your music rotation or schedule regular back-catalogue-tests. There are no limitations in airtime. Your music is rated with a slider, easily and intuitively while listening to the hook. Choose your own wording and customize the slider’s look & feel.

Working with results


results of each surveys show up in comprehensive reports on your airtime dash- board. See at a glance how passionate your community members are about each song, which songs they are familiar with and if they want to hear them more often or less often. Slice and dice the results any way you choose and highlight how you would like the data to be shown. Export or print each result for further analyzing. 

Tracking Music trends


The newer a song the more time it needs to develop its full potential. Check how key indicators like familiarity or acceptance develop over time, in either one or the other direction. In other words, double-check if you can trust your guts. 

Feature Overview
Unlimited songs testing
Song potential detection
Polarising songs filter
Low and high burn
Songs results customisation
Upload hooks and manage in library
Instant listening to hook
Integration with MusicMaster
Scheduling: get song lists and send back test results
Excel®/CSV report export
Excel®/CSV report export
Email notification when in-tab survey target is reached

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