The Genius Day Tour 2016 was a great success. Learn more about the Genius Days and have a look at our event pictures. 

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Together with our partners, we host our yearly Genius Days tour all over Europe in order to show MusicMaster users how to get the best results out of the software. This includes tipps and tricks for daily working routines, the development of optimum workflows or programming strategies and the usage of a broad variety of features. The main motto of the Genius Days is: "There are no dumb questions"!

Make new friends


On the Genius Day Tour, the MusicMaster family gets together. In 2016, more than 180 program directors, music programmers and MusicMaster users from all over Europe met in Berlin, Munich, Paris, Madrid, Vienna, Helsinki, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Berne and Milano. A great opportunity to discuss with colleagues and make new friends - e.g. during the lunch and coffee breaks ...

Become a Genius


Save travel expenses, stay at home and become a Genius! During the Genius Tour 2016 we discussed more than 700 questions, collected roundabout 80 feature requests for future MusicMaster releases - and gave out 182 certificates to our participants. Increase your market value as a music programmer by taking part at the Genius Days - they are valuable trainings at a real attractive prize.



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