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MusicMaster Scheduling® is the fastest-growing and most powerful music scheduling tool for radio and music television stations as well as webradios and retail radios worldwide. And, of course: MusicMaster is ready for cloud scheduling and remote solutions. 

Create your perfect rotation


You know how you want your station to sound, and MusicMaster gives you many ways to get there. Turnover Analysis helps you narrow things down. By analyzing your predicted rotation, you'll be able to see how your categories and rules measure up to your expectations. See how the rotation pattern is affected based on the number of songs in your category and how often it's called for in the clocks.

Build it your way


MusicMaster offers full flexibility. Create as many database fields as you want and assign rules to them. Use Copy/Paste from Excel and other Microsoft Office Products. MusicMaster can do realtime libsync, export and reconciliation of schedules and library elements with all important automation and playout systems. MusicMaster is your toolbox with a solution for every music programmer's problem. 

Become a true scheduling artist


Scheduling a perfect music flow is a piece of art. MusicMaster will enable every music programmer to make the optimum out of their music database. With optimum goal scheduling, you get the perfect rotation at a fingertip. And we will be glad to show you how to make your station sound as good as possible - come to our Genius Days trainings and learn from your colleagues all around the world, and of course from the MusicMaster team!


 MusicMaster was designed to be designed by you.

Payam Razi

Editor in Chief Radio Free Europe,
Czech Republic

"Since 2008, I have been in charge as the music director of 'Radio Farda' at Radio Free Europe and we have been using MusicMaster as our primary scheduling program. The 'Analysis' feature has significantly helped us with our monthly music report and the 'Rule Tree' has allowed us to easily control our different music genres and categories and maintaining a diverse and impressive program."

Miguel Cruz

Programming Director

M80 Rádio, Portugal

"After many years of using different software, we recently changed to MusicMaster and we are very pleased with the outcome. The software's ability to do themed special sets has helped us tremendously. In short, MusicMaster is a very user friendly and intuitive program, that has allowed us to have much more control over the scheduling process. Since we have been using it, the quality and the diversity of our programming has significantly improved."

Michael Breit
Head Music Director

Saarländischer Rundfunk, Germany

"I've been working with MusicMaster for more than 10 years now. For me, MusicMaster is the ideal tool to schedule extensive programs using very deep categories. Even very demanding special shows are also scheduled by MusicMaster perfectly. Thus I am looking forward to new demands from our Program Director, since with MusicMaster our slogan is 'everything is possible'."




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