Who will win the race? mLive can tell you ...

November 29, 2016


Votings are fun. And you can let your listeners have song-on-song battles on your radio station's website! With mLive, a MusicMaster add-on, the hosts of your station can create realtime votings with your audience reacting through websites, mobile sites or apps immediately.

Your benefits: Get more interaction between your listeners and your station on your web or mobile site - and do market research at the same time. 

mLive for MusicMaster is based on your music scheduling database including all your clocks and rules.The add-on will only use best-testing songs according to the defined clock element and your scheduling rules.

All voting songs that will be selected by mLive are matching your format and your rotation. And even if there won't be a vote at all for whatever reason - mLive assures that a best-testing song will be scheduled.


Read more about mLive or request a demo!

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