Need a new music scheduling system? Don't worry - transition is fast and easy!

December 2, 2016

Micha Fuchs, Music Director RSA RADIO


You have been growing tired of your existing scheduling software and want to change? You have come to this realization, but maybe you are also afraid that this change will be long and complicated? Don’t worry! Just last week, once again we had the pleasure of migrating data and a transition a client from a competitor’s product to MusicMaster within 3 working days. This is how it worked:

Our new customer RSA Radio has ordered the software on a Thursday and provided us with their data from the competitor’s product the following day. On Monday the ON AIR support team successfully migrated the data into the MusicMaster format. We installed the software via remote, integrated the converted data and created an export routine to the Zenon Automation system. One day later, after some obligatory test runs, our client started using MusicMaster and went straight “ON AIR”.


And here some personal words from Michael:

"I've been working with MusicMaster for many years at many different stations. After a few years without it, I recently took on the task to update the music scheduling at my current workplace. A different scheduling software was installed. I gave it a shot but came to the fast conclusion: It''s just not MusicMaster. So we quickly decided to make the obvious switch and it felt like a homecoming to me. I need a Software, a partner that is keeping up with my workstyle and scheduling needs. That is easy to use and yet powerful. MusicMaster is just that. With the other software, I had to go into many different menus to fix one thing. MusicMaster eliminates the clutter and gives you everything you need so much easier and thought out. Great to be back."
Micha Fuchs, Music Director.


So, if you want to make a change now, or inquire why to change in the first place, don’t hesitate and contact us. We are going to help!


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