Add graphics to your MusicMaster schedule editor view!

December 6, 2016


A picture is worth a thousand words - that applies to your schedule editor view, too!

MusicMaster gives you free hand when it comes to the design of your grids. You certainly know this from your Music Database Grid and the Schedule Editor - you can show and hide fields and choose their order. But MusicMaster has one more feature:

Certain attribute fields - like "Tempo" - can be displayed either as text-only or with bar graphs. With only three clicks you can toggle these views. 

First, click the grid layout icon:

Then, switch to "Yes" in the "Attr Graphs" / "Grid Properties" column and confirm by clicking "OK".

When marked "no", the Tempo Codes are displayed as numbers ...


 ... and marked "yes" you will see an additional graph bar - just give it a try!




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