MusicMaster - some words from our clients

December 19, 2016

MusicMaster is used by tens of thousands music programmers and program directors worldwide. Here are some words of our client Payiam Razi from Radio Free Europe in Prague Czech Republic. 


"Running a 24/7 news/music radio station is a heavy task and requires a high level of program flexibility, especially when there is a time and location difference between the station and the audience. Since 2008, I have been in charge as the music director of 'Radio Farda' at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty in Prague, Czech Republic, and we have been using MusicMaster as our primary scheduling program. Throughout these years this accurate and enhanced scheduling program has allowed us to easily categorize our 5,000 songs and more than 500 weekly content elements, creating a variety of clocks for specific hours and days, producing weekly and monthly cultural contests in an orderly manner to broadcast over 14 hours of lively and popular music programs on a daily basis. The 'Analysis' feature has significantly helped us with our monthly music report and the 'Rule Tree' has allowed us to easily control our different music genres and categories and maintaining a diverse and impressive program."


Thank you, Payiam, and keep up the good work!


PS: Want to be a happy MusicMaster customer, too? Contact us and request a personal demo session!


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