March 31 - April 2, 2019: Radiodays Europe, Lausanne, Switzerland

January 25, 2019


For most non-Swiss Europeans this isn't going to be a bargain, but being together on neutral grounds will give of us all a well-balanced feeling...


The 10th edition of Radiodays Europe will be taking place at the SwissTechConvention Center in Lausanne this year. And we hope that you and also our many MusicMaster friends in Switzerland know, how excited we are to meet you all again in person.
We’ll be having the MusicMaster Meeting Point with us – of course, not only our Swiss friends are invited to meet us there. Stop by for a short "hello" in between the sessions of the programme. If you have the feeling that you've already seen and heard what is being presented once, twice or even thrice before, you're more than welcome to stay a little bit longer. It may happen that we'll also be talking again about MusicMaster, but we guarantee that you’ll be having a good time with us.
If you like we can share with you our concepts for the planning of numerous web channels based on audio brand clusters or talk about our projects dealing with self-improving scheduling routines as well as an individualized but format-appropriate song selection in the context of whatever kind of playlist skipping technology. All comes with MusicMaster, all can be used and applied right away. 
As always, the latest release of MusicMaster is also aboard. Professional Edition 7 is out and delivers entirely new customization options and new functionality, including many new Format Clock editing tools, a Virtual Show Editor, an enhanced Broadcast Calendar as well as Virtual Search Depths, ultimately decreasing scheduling time.

Feel free to send us an email in order to make an appointment

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