Remote working scenarios for MusicMaster Scheduling

March 14, 2020


During the coronavirus pandemic, broadcasters around the world are fulfilling the important role of providing news and companionship to worried communities.


Radio is a 24/7/365 operation and we are right there with you. During this crisis, we remain committed to helping you meet any challenge, any time.


We are all facing a situation with unprecedented challenges. It has always been the idea of the global MusicMaster family to be more than just a software, but to be a partner at your side. Today, more than ever, we encourage you to lean on MusicMaster for that support.


We know of many customers working on relocating employees to home offices. For this purpose, we have described technical scenarios how you can work from home with MusicMaster Scheduling.


You can download the document here.


We are also happy to provide you with temporary licensing options for the software.


Just contact us at if we can be of any help.

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