Working on clocks and weekly grids? Make use of the MusicMaster support if needed!

March 23, 2020

We all here at ON AIR hope that you are doing well and that you have found a way to arrange a suitable way of virtual co-working.


Besides the many organisational challenges, we have often heard that many stations are dealing with programme schedule changes and are already implementing them - with influence on which music to play, on clocks, clock grids and rules in MusicMaster Scheduling.


So, it's actually a matter of course, but we would like to confirm anyway to please expect from us what you have always been able to expect: Fast and pragmatic help from our support, from our engineering team, from our administration. It has always been the idea of the global MusicMaster family to be more than just a software. 


If you want us to work with you on specific points, please contact us: | +49 30 859 559 55.


We would like again mention our description of technical scenarios how you can work from home with MusicMaster Scheduling. More information here. We are also prepared to provide you with temporary licensing options for the software.


Stay healthy and safe these days.

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