Software for creative businesses.
Our software solutions help you creating a smooth music flow, teaming up with your audience and optimize your marketing. And with our mApps suite we give you the power to schedule in the cloud, get the best out of your music archive, create music votings and visualize your content in a creative way.

MusicMaster Scheduling is the leading Windows-based music scheduling suite!

Join the thousands of people around the world who use MusicMaster to build larger audiences and keep people listening longer. Let us show you why.



  • A custom scheduling system that fits your needs perfectly.
    It's suitable for any music format.

  • It works for any platform as well as TV and Web.
    Schedules your non-music elements as well.

  • Exchange any kind of information with connected software. enables you inter-connect your existing broadcast and media applications in the most simple and efficient way. The app allows realtime data exchanges between on-premises, hybrid and cloud infrastructures, with a secure message bus to deliver a modern API and web-based management layer.


  • Automate technical tasks, streamline workflows, harmonise data exchanges.   

  • From video file handling and audio conversion, to simple data synchronisation and enrichment.

  • Build missing business logic between multi-tier applications and integrate third-party APIs together to streamline business operations. 

mCloud is remote scheduling.
Your freelance music programmers and hosts can now prepare their shows from home. Remote access your nusic department and your network's music archives! More...

mArchive is providing multi database queries. Connect most distinctive archive systems. Because networking of systems is the challenge! More...

mLive is music-driven interaction with your audience. Create and carry out realtime votings based on your rule set in MusicMaster. More...

mVisual is visualizing content.
What do DAB r
adio and TV have in common? They visualize different content at the same time. Now you can, too! Visualize your music with images or graphics. More...

airtime is the new state-of-the-art content tracking and marketing tool for Radio, TV, Web and Retail.

airtime helps your station to keep moving into the right direction and stay on track. 


  • Easy to handle

  • Very affordable

  • Unlimited campaigns and surveys

  • No additional hard- or software needed

  • Completely customizable

  • Mobile framework and native mobile apps available

  • Social media integration

  • MusicMaster scheduling integration



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