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Andreas Wissmeyer

Andreas Wissmeyer joined the ON AIR team in 2010. Almost all of our clients know him from the international tech support hotline and appreciate his dedicated expert advice. 

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Ellen Ziegler

Born in East Germany, Ellen Ziegler started studying languages. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, she moved to Manchester, where she worked as a German teacher. Back in the now united Germany, Ellen spent many years in the production of animated TV series, movies, advertising and special effects for national and international productions. Ellen became a member of the ON AIR family in 2011. As office manager she takes care of all matters concerning the Berlin head quarter of ON AIR.

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Gabriele Seidel

Gabriele Seidel is a qualified Assistant Tax Consultant. She gained work experience in different tax advisors agencies before she became a permanent employee as an accountant at ON AIR in 1996. In 2001 she established her own accounting firm and has been working as a freelancer for ON AIR since then. She’s member of a church choir, loves to read goot books, Nordic Walking, fitness and travelling - especially to Scotland.

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Katalin Kugler


Katalin Kugler is the latest addition to our team. She joined ON AIR in early 2020. After a short dip into the radio world, she worked at Viacom in various positions from music programming to software development since 2007. A lot of MTV launches and data migrations behind her back, she's both eager to optimize rules, and to configure interfaces.
When not testing the latest releases or analyzing music databases, Katalin likes to bike around Amsterdam hunting for the best eats in town.

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Kevin Hopkins

It is not an overstatement to say that Kevin literally knows all functions in MusicMaster no matter how hidden or complex they are. Kevin is your man when it comes to the question how to integrate MusicMaster into existing systems or when interfaces and realtime-database-synchronizations have to be programmed – due to his vast experience in network and automation technology. Last but not least, Kevin is your multilingual (German, English, Italian) voice in terms of tech support.

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Matthias Müller

Matthias has a background in computer engineering and is a passionate radio professional since 1993. He has been working as a radio host, music planner and consultant for a wide range of radio stations in Germany, Poland and Czech Republic – and is a happy MusicMaster user since 2005. In 2011, Matthias joined ON AIR as an IT and training consultant for project management, support, engineering and training our customers. Matthias loves all forms of travelling – by train, bus, bicycle, kajak or his beloved oldtimer motorbike. 

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Max Müller

Max Müller started his career in professional radio in 1999. While he was working as a news anchor, he graduated in media management and economics. In 2005, Max took over first radio managed jobs and later worked for a radio holding company. In 2010 he joined ON AIR and now represents the company as general manager. Besides his broad experience in doing and managing radio, he is an acknowledged expert in digitizing business processes and developing new media businesses and digital strategies. When he's not controlling business figures you can find him riding his Vespa GTS 300 Super Sport.

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Rainer Eichhorn

Rainer started his career in 1981 at Radio Luxembourg after working as a musician and record producer. In Luxembourg he was working as director and producer of the nation wide morning show "Guten Morgen Deutschland" and in 1984 started directing the equally named TV format. In 1986 he met Joe Knapp and started to help Joe selling MusicMaster. 1990 he became PD of the RTL European Network but still extended the MusicMaster business - which led to the start of ON AIR. Since then he has consulted stations all over Europe in music and programming strategies and helped MusicMaster to become the leading system in the industry. In his spare free time he still composes and records in his own studio for TV stations in Europe.

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Tim Christoph Baas

For the last 25 years Tim’s professional radio journey took him from host to music planner to consultant to program director. He hosted, developed and straightened different formats in different markets in Germany. Beside his passion for radio Tim is also passionate for technical development. His first contact to the "wide world of computers" was a ZX81 from Spectrum.

In his sparetime Tim and his family love to visit Disneyworld and other amusement parks in the US. At weekends you can find Tim watching his son playing football, having a BBQ in the garden or getting something done at his house.

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