Where was this music track again?


Search and import data from multiple databases, web sources or other services to MusicMaster easily.

Why use mArchive


Archive systems for meta data for any form of content gain more and more importance – also in the music industry. That’s no surprise, after all no one fancies to add songs to MusicMaster once again when they already exist in central places. Smart system integration is the name of the challenge - and mArchive for MusicMaster is our turnkey solution for you.

How it works


mArchive is an add-on for your existing MusicMaster installation which allows you to connect all your archive systems to MusicMaster. mArchive gives you a fast research and flexible data transfer via mouse click, no matter if it is a new songs or an addition to already existent songs in your MusicMaster database. And it works directly from the user interface of MusicMaster. 

Your personal benefit

mArchive and MusicMaster easily engage with each other. You don’t even have to leave your familiar work environment. For the research in your archive systems you are supplied with a neatly arranged and easy to handle user interface which you can start directly from MusicMaster. After the export of data you return to MusicMaster automatically – and selected songs will be already there. 


Get your data imported into MusicMaster
  • Connect archive systems to MusicMaster 

  • Research and data transfer from one or various systems 

  • Search through various archive systems

  • Editing of data before import to MusicMaster 

  • Logical functions for automated data processing 

  • Compare existing songs with the archive data  

  • Add archive data to existing songs 

  • Adjustable search criteria and flexible field 




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