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Enjoy our video series showing

MusicMasters' flexibilty.


Learn, how to install MusicMaster and create perfect rotations.

MusicMaster | 10 First Steps 

This video series deals with the first steps you will do on your own to get MusicMaster up and running. Learn how to install the software, how to create and handle your music databases. Get to know basic informations about clocks, rules and the automatic scheduler. Last but not least: We show you how to do backups and manage the security setup. 


Get hints and creative input from professional MusicMaster users.

MusicMaster | Walkthroughs

While the 10 Steps just give a brief overview, the Walkthrougs provide you a very detailed and deep insight in all features and functions of MusicMaster. More than 40 Videos can be watched in our YouTube-Channel. This series does not only deal with the MusicMaster features - you will also learn how to use them in a creative way.  Become a MusicMaster expert!
MusicMaster | Webinars

The MusicMaster Webinars are a collection of hands-on-trainings which help advanced users to make the most of the MusicMaster features as well as troubleshooting in the case that things do not run as planned. This includes Database maintenance, in-depth-looks at the scheduling options and the rule tree or special sets for special occasions. More than 30 videos are available.
MusicMaster | Scheduling Secrets

Already got the basics? Well, here is the real pro stuff: Experts from the Broadcasting Business give some "guest lectures" and tell your their scheduling secrets. This is the ideal occasion to learn from professionals. Learn how to access MusicMaster via the cloud, how to match element sounds to your music or how to use the Rule Wizard and Optimum Goal Scheduling for best results.
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