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What should be played next? Let the audience influence the playlist.


mLive is an add-on to manage song votings in realtime based on MusicMaster rules. The audience has a choice while at the same time mLive always sticks to your music format. 


The winner takes it all


Votings are fun! Let's have song-on-song battles, choices out of three, five or more songs and even complete channels which are voting-based. All is possible with mLive for MusicMaster. This add-on engages the hosts of your station in creating and carrying out realtime votings and your audience in reacting through websites, mobile sites or apps immediately.

This is how it works


mLive for MusicMaster is based on your music scheduling database including all your clocks and rules. mLive gives you the freedom to define votings just like other clock elements e.g. specific categories or a library query that should be used by mLive to select voting songs. The add-on will only use best-testing songs according to the defined clock element and your scheduling rules.

Music-driven interaction  

mLive for MusicMaster opens a wide range of music-driven interaction with your audience while you don't have to worry about the music flow of your station. All voting songs that will be selected by mLive are matching your format and your rotation. And even if there won't be a vote at all for whatever reason - mLive assures that a best-testing song will be scheduled. 


Create song votings in just a few steps

  • Define votings in MusicMaster based on clock elements and rules 

  • Create and carry out realtime votings using a webbrowser user interface  

  • Check MusicMaster's song and keyword history while selecting voting songs manually 

  • Start and stop votings or use a countdown option

  • See incoming votes immediately  

  • Use 24/7 automatic mode for creating and carrying out realtime votings for voting-based channels 

  • Use mLive's included jQuery plugin to bring voting functionality to your website, mobile site or app 

  • Use mLive's incuded voting service (API) for developing own plugins or additions  

  • Rely on secured communication between mLive's voting service (API) in the Internet and the mLive user interface and further services within your environment 

  • Make use of your existing IT infrastructure: All mLive components are Windows-based and configurable according to your needs 

  • API-based integrations with playout systems possible 

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