Why work
at the office? 


mCloud for MusicMaster is the ideal add-on for scheduling from "out of the office" - like freehand evening and night shows, concerts or other specials.  Create and edit your schedule using a web browser and send your work to MusicMaster.

Full flexibility


A 15 minutes special or a 3 hours concert – everything is possible. This also applies to songs that cannot be found in your MusicMaster database or any other archive system connected to mCloud. Your music programmers can simply insert new songs manually – and you can be sure that every information needed e.g. in your reports for royalty societies will be added.  

No boundaries 


Use mCloud in the intranet or enable your music programmers to work with mCloud via the internet. There are nearly no limits to the use of mCloud: neither the number of attached MusicMaster data bases nor the amount of users is limited. mCloud even works without any scheduling templates– giving your music programmers free hand in the processing of their schedules.

Jazz, Rock, Classic - and more

mCloud is perfectly furnished for all styles of music - especially classical music. Complete works consisting of several movements? No problem. Your music programmers can add just one movement or a whole work to their schedule. Even the printout of the schedules for the preparation of the shows can be generated directly from mCloud. Or your hand over each schedule as XML  to your CMS.


Explore just some of the workflows that mCloud could handle for you
  • Create, print and export schedules on your web browser

  • Send schedules to MusicMaster for a 24/7 history analysis 

  • Use schedule templates from MusicMaster 

  • Use schedule templates from mCloud

  • Search in MusicMaster 

  • Search in archive systems (requires interface adaption)

  • Lookup history information from MusicMaster

  • Add songs based on fixed requirements  

  • Show scheduling covering several hours 

  • Adjustable views and fields 

  • Combine all information for royalty societies in

  • Unlimited users and data bases 




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